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Anthony Vanacore 


Internet Brokerage- Executive Summary


A little over a decade ago, investing meant calling your broker on the telephone and ordering a trade. Online investing changed all of that. Now, all you have to do is place an order, click a button, and wait for it to be executed.

Low commissions, linked accounts, and easy navigation have made it easy to invest online. The real trick is choosing the right online broker for your investment style. Hidden fees, complicated pricing structures, and a wild variety of offerings can make choosing an online broker a difficult process.


Online brokerage has gained inconceivable resources through cost-effective access to capital markets across the world. Online brokerage offers ultra high speed and highly convenient information analysis to online traders. The number of household trading stocks online has grown astonishingly making the investor community shift towards online.


Perhaps the greatest benefit of the online investment brokers is the access to information by individual investors that simply did not exist before the Internet. Overall, the investing public is better educated less dependent on the advice of a full-service broker.



Industry Size


Structure of Industry 


Economics of Industry Participants


Business Models


Competitive Strategy


Marketing Strategy


History of the Industry, Current State of the Industry and Future Developments



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